Ristorante U Giancu - Cooking TogetherRistorante U Giancu - Cooking Together

Cooking Together!

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Since 1996 U Giancu has decided to cook together. Together…with who? With you. This is not a cooking class or lesson, but a way to share knowledge and to have fun together, preparing typical ligurian recipes with Fausto and his staff. There is no teacher’s desk, and no notebooks are needed. Everyone can help out in the kitchen, making bread, preparing focaccia, picking herbs from our orchard, tasting whether something needs a little salt or pepper.

So come prepared to get your hands dirty! However, don’t worry, as your effort will be rewarded ! And enjoying the food you will have prepared in the morning, you will be able to bask in your success, obviously with the help of a good bottle of white wine. Be sure to check availability and book ahead.

Pesto Contest

All mortars are ready on a line on the table. All ingredients at their place.
Hands are holding the pestles firmly, let’s start! Scent of basil and garlic fills the air. Under our control and with our suggestions the contest has started. At the end our cooks will taste and choose the winner.

Wine Tasting Contest

Participants  will have a blind tasting of the most important Italian wines and  will describe their most important characteristics. Our sommelier will taste along with them and will than examine the results, choose the winners and give the prizes.

Smooth as (extra virgin olive) oil

In Italy there are more than 500 varieties of olives and consequently very many extra virgin olive oils. We will give you the chance to taste some of them with different characteristics ( from all over Italy, islands included) so to be able to understand their peculiar differences.

Ristorante U Giancu - Separatore

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Ristorante U Giancu - Cooking Together
Ristorante U Giancu - Cooking Together
Ristorante U Giancu - Cooking Together
Ristorante U Giancu - Cooking Together


Ristorante U Giancu - Separatore

Fausto Oneto nicknamed U Giancu jr. has written three cookbooks illustrated by the most important cartoonists from all over the world: Pratt, Mordillo, Altan, Jacovitti, Bottaro, Quino, Barks, Don rosa, Eisner, ect only to name a few of them. This happened thanks to Fausto’s friendship both with Luciano Bottaro always available when asked for an illustration, thus creating for U giancu an infinite number of drawings starting from the logo up to the menu; and with Carlo Chendi, who obtained many dedicated drawings, now hanging at the walls, from his friends cartoonists both in Italy and abroad. 
Whenever I cook…I get a lot of friends” has been the first book that Fausto wrote and he likes to consider it “a comic book with recipes” ; it is dedicated to the typical Ligurian cooking and has been translated both in French and English. 
“Fantasy in green” also in English is on the contrary considered “ a cookbook with comics drawings”; most of the recipes are vegetarian with a large use of herbs, often used in U Giancu’s cooking. 
“The comic apron”, the most recent book is translated both in English and German, is addressed particularly to dessert lovers but not only. 
All the covers are Bottaro’s creations and texts are by Fausto Oneto with the help of Carlo chendi. And this is not the end as in 2007 another cookbook has been pubblished, it’s a recipes and crazyhats book. The title is “Tophat”. We must thank our good friend Rudy Zerbi that made the pubblication possible.

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Ristorante U Giancu - Separatore

U Giancu Great gift!

Would you like to make an amusing, orginal and useful gift?
If you think so, the moment has come to contact U Giancu to have more information on how to make a present on his “Cooking Together”!
A special day to be spent first in the restaurant kitchen and later comfortably seated to enjoy all that has been prepared during the morning while listening to some good music.
Money transfer is accepted. A personalised coupon will be sent directly to the addressee of the gift.